Behavior and Safety

  • The horse must be trained and well-mannered.  Work will stop if a horse presents a safety hazard to the farrier or the animal. Please note that if the trim or shoe job cannot be safely completed to our standards due to the horse’s behavior, you will still be charged the full amount of the visit as anticipated.


  • We will require a quiet, low traffic area to work on your horse(s), preferably inside of a barn or a clean stall. Please note that for shoeing jobs we will require clean, hard, level ground to work.


  • Our average trim takes approximately 15-20 minutes, if a horse’s trim goes beyond 45 minutes due to poor behaviors, you will have the option to continue the appointment, but an additional charge of $150 an hour will apply.


  • An average shoe job takes approximately 1-2 hours (depending on the number of shoes and addons) if a horse’s shoeing goes beyond 3 hours due to poor behaviors, you will have the option to continue the appointment, but an additional charge of $150 an hour will apply.


  • Veterinary services to administer chemical restraint must be arranged in advance if needed.


  • The owner is responsible for pain management (i.e Bute) prior to our visit if needed.



Scheduling and Rescheduling

  • We will email you with your trim/shoeing date which will be approximately 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment depending on your horses' needs.


  • If an appointment needs to be rescheduled or canceled please notify us at least 72hrs before the scheduled appointment time, otherwise a fee of $50 will apply.


  • Add $10 per horse/draft/mini for animals 12 weeks or more past due. Horses/drafts/minis should be trimmed approximately 4-9 weeks; the fee will be waived if the animal is past-due due to scheduling on our end.



  • Payment is expected immediately after services are rendered in either cash or check.


  • We sometimes will accept barter, this must be discussed and agreed upon before the appointment.

Horse Handling

  • Someone must be available to catch and hold the horse and present payment.  Although many consider me to be outstanding in my field, don't expect me to be out standing in YOUR field!

Fuel and Travel Charges: 

I strive to keep prices reasonable, consistent and fair to my clients. I am in business to make a modest but reasonable profit and currently, I find it necessary to add a fuel service charge when traveling outside of my usual route. Fuel Service Charge is based on the following factors:

  • Cost of fuel

  • Rising prices of yearly truck expenses and maintenance

  • Time and distance involved in reaching clients

If you are outside of the south-eastern Massachusetts area (south of rt 90 to the cape and east of 495 to the cape) the following may apply:

  • Fuel Service Charge: is added according to the following schedule:

    • One dollar ($1.00) per mile one way (AAA mileage guide) will be added to the final bill.


  • Overnight Charges: is added if two or more days are required to shoe several horses.

    • Overnight charge is a flat fee of $145.00 per night and will be added to the final bill.